Serendipity and Art School

I’m in Italy at the moment teaching English  (which is by degrees as glamorous as it sounds!)
I was on a train to Milan recently and a sweet couple asked for directions to central station. The passenger opposite me helped out and I chimed in too. I got into a conversation with Filipo, the other passenger about our respective jobs, he also teaches English and also business in an art school.
I invited myself along to his class to speak to his students and being me couldn’t resist changing my mind at the last minute to include some bookmaking and random participatory element.
So the photos are from the session where we walked around with our eyes closed thinking about the synesthesic sensations we were experiencing.
The students also gave me a set of random numbers which I’m going to use in a short walking piece.
So from a set of unrelated decisions made by a random group of people (the sweet couple coming into our carriage, Filipo sitting opposite me, choosing to sit upstairs on the train) there is a new piece of work emerging. Serendipity







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