I submitted these images to a Feature Shoot open submission on vacations with the text below.

Vacations are a little bit different in the UK, beaches are places to
be beaten back by the weather and take refuge in scarves, hats and fat greasy chips. Beaches serve as a constant reminder that the UK is a tiny island surrounded by Weather, a malevolent cloak of wind, rain, waves and fog. An ingrained element of the British psyche comes from standing on our shores, dreaming of the exotic postcard images from abroad, mocking the ever present drizzle soaked staycations we endure.
These damp UK moments are introduced early in life to reduce the shock, a baton of understanding passed through the generations designed to help us understand what it means to be British; you’ll rarely experience the sun, you’ll often be wet and that bronzed sunkissed look you crave can only be achieved through misapplied bronzing creme – enjoy your pale skin child and no matter it’s raining get onto that beach and build yourself a castle, there’ll soon be ice cream to freeze you further from the inside.

Smile, you’re on holiday.


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