Christmas reading list

xmas reading list

All the books I intend to read over Christmas. At least 2 are mainly image only books so I’m on my way do completing them! The Polaroid and Leica books are presents to myself, oh and In America and Photomonth Festival Kracow come to think of it.

I’ve already read the Sally Mann interview in Photomonth, which is great. It goes into great detail about her work photographing her family ever present subjects in her work.

A Thompson book, of course as it’s Christmas, it’s usually rereading Fear and Loathing, but Kingdom of Fear has been hanging about for ages begging to be given back to it’s rightful owner so I’m cracking on with it.

I’m trying to be good and getting in all the photography theory classics, hence On Photography. Not quite upto getting past the first few lines of Roland Barthes without my brain exploding, maybe next Christmas I’ll try that.

The Touch of Angels interview detailing Sally Mann’s Family and the Land exhibition at The Photographers Gallery London. Originally published in Chinese Photography Magazine in Nov ’10, interviewed on 4th April 2010 by Jiang Rong if you wanted to hunt it out.


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