It’s rained like someone’s trying to drown us. I know the rest of the world is experiencing unprecedented levels of sun, but in the UK we’ve been permanently damp since October (abeit a brief happy spell in March) and it sucks big time.

It’s amazing the misery that abounds when you’re denied sunshine. The national malaise thats the result of being permanently wrapped in a soggy grey blanket, which the rest of the world has a right good laugh at us for, but when you have to live in woolly jumpers for 12 months of the year I reckon we deserve a break.

The garden however is blooming with all the water and now the weather has cheered up a bit for the weekend, everything is out in force, drinking up the sunshine, blooming away and generally making chlorophyll and fruit. Finally.

Being in the garden bathed in sunshine, with shadows and insects, is so lovely. I’ve been watching a little set of bees making a home in the insect hotel. They’ve been nibbling away at leaves and lining the bamboo with a little leaf collar, all stuck together with bright yellow beeswax, it’s amazing to watch. All sorts of flowers are out scenting the air, vying for nose space with the maddening smell of barbeque.

So a little request to the clouds: go and do your thing over Africa and midwest America cos they need you way more than us right now, let us Brits top up our tans, replenish that vitamin D and dash about in the sunshine for a bit, ta.


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